“Give us a chance”
Employers may admit to making mistakes assuring that those mistakes will be remedied, and will never occur again. Management may send out “love letters”, which formally apologize for any wrong doings in the past, and make promises for a better future.

Your company may implement temporary changes or improvements in reaction to a union organizing campaign. These changes rarely last beyond the campaign because the employer has no reason to uphold them when the threat of a union goes away. Your employer is free to make these changes after your store votes for or against union representation, but it is illegal for the employer to interfere with the campaign.

A Sudden Change in Attitude
The attitude of your employer towards you and your fellow workers might dramatically improve. Management is suddenly very concerned with showing you how much they appreciate and respect you as a member of the company. Activities, such as lunches, dinners and picnics, are organized for workers and their families – activities that did not exist before the union began the organizing campaign.

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