Union Officers

David Cook President 636-736-2701 dcook@ufcw655.org
Robert Spence Secretary-Treasurer and Director of Collective Bargaining 636-736-2702 rspence@ufcw655.org
Nikki Rich Recorder, Union Representative 636-736-2772 nrich@ufcw655.org


Collin Reischman Director of Communications 636-736-2757 creischman@ufcw655.org
Laura Kelley Assistant to the President 636-736-2703 lkelley@ufcw655.org
Levi Eddins Director of Grievance Processing, Assistant to the President 636-736-2791 leddins@ufcw655.org


Michael Frame 636-736-2765 mframe@ufcw655.org
David Williams 636-736-2778 dwilliams@ufcw655.org
Scott Eschenbrenner 636-736-2770 seschenbrenner@ufcw655.org
Prudence LaFerney 636-736-2745 plaferney@ufcw655.org
Amy Jennewein Union Representative

Executive Assistant

Julia Polson 636-736-2704 jpolson@ufcw655.org

Office Personnel

Sue Conley Membership Department 636-736-2724 sconley@ufcw655.org
Susan Perney Pension Administrator 636-736-2777 pension@ufcw655.org
Tonia Wolff Pension Department 636-736-2777 pension@ufcw655.org
Katie McCrary Pension Department 636-736-2777 pension@ufcw655.org
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