Unions mean more power for workers to bargain for better wages and benefits. For management, however, a union means less power and control. As a result, many employers tend to resort to both subtle and drastic measures to keep workers from speaking out. When workers stick together they can overcome management’s tactics and in the end make a better place to work for everyone.

Many employers respect workers’ rights and basic freedom to choose when it comes to union representation, but sometimes they try to get in the way. It is important for you to know that you might encounter an employer that may attempt to coerce, manipulate, bribe, or even threaten you.

Typical Threats

Some companies that feel threatened by the idea of their workers being represented by a union sometimes resort to various tactics in order to keep you from organizing. These include love tactics and scare tactics that, while opposite in their approach, can both have equally damaging effect for workers trying to get an independent voice at work.

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